Today is Pizza Friday at Ree’s Virtual Academy. Judah is having lunch with her best friend who is also in her class. We’ve planned for them to have lunch together everyday. The squealing and giggling going on during lunch is actually pretty adorable. It highlights the resilience of our kids. As parents, I think it’s easy for us to freak out about what’s going on, thinking it’s going to permanently damage or negatively affect them. It’s not. They’re a lot better than we think. God is in control and protecting them. I trust Him and have cast all my anxieties/cares on Him because He cares for me. (1Pet. 5:7). The anxieties? Real...Natural...Human...That’s why He said to give them to Him. We serve a Super Natural God. Regardless of if that’s an easy task or if you’re like me, someone who needs to SEE, control and have a roadmap, so it’s a little or a lot HARD. However the task is of letting go works out, let’s just focus on doing it. These kids are fine. ❤️🥰